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Sento Consultants


Our team is made up of passionate individuals who subscribe to the long-term values underpinning the Lean Way® comprehensive management approach (i.e. powerful tools placed at the service of a strong improvement-oriented culture).

These experienced hands-on managers have the key qualities sought by a company such as Toyota. They are attentive, challenging and humble leaders, characterized by a quiet strength.

All of our team members have received hands-on world-class training from managers associated with Toyota and committed to its approach. These experts—Jeffrey Liker, Michael Hoseus, David Meier and Tsuneo Nesu— are all international specialists in the Toyota Way model. Most of them continue to be passionate practitioners with companies operating around the globe.

Our unique approach is based on the strengths provided by knowledge, skills and collective synergistic intelligence with the client, ensuring more efficient delivery of above-average—and sustainable—results.