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« ... The Sento IQ tool developed by Pierre Leblanc is one of the best diagnostic tools and organizational benchmarks I’ve ever used... »

Mario Grenier
General Manager

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Lean workshops

Although our primary mission is to implement the full range of the Lean IQ® business model, we also offer occasion-specific Lean workshops tailored to our clients’ individual needs:



I. Creating production flow

  • Layout and jidoka (autonomation with a human touch)
  • Just-in-time and one piece flow
  • Reduced changeover time or single minute exchange of dies (SMED)
  • Kanban (producing only what is consumed)
  • Andon (making flow problems visible)
  • Value stream mapping


II. Waste elimination tools

  • Turnaround times
    • 5S and visual management
    • Total productive maintenance (TPM)

  • Quality and ergonomics
    • Failure mode, effects and analysis (FMEA)
    • Poka yoke or anti-error
    • Standard work
    • Ergonomics and modular arrangement of predetermined time standards (Modaps)

III. Lean implementation

  • Kaïkaku (rapid improvement)
  • Kaïzen (daily improvement)