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« Our company’s participation in the Sento Institute’s Lanaudière group in 2008-2009 created the momentum we needed to wake up to change. In a difficult economic and competitive context, it is imperative that improvements be rapid and lasting.

The workshop activities undertaken in previous years allowed us to visualize how effective our organization could be. The 5S, SMED and other tools had already been used for several years to improve performance. But we were missing out on a number of fundamental principles that the Toyota Way and the Institute brought us, starting with the long-term philosophy and its rollout with our employees, i.e., the first pillar of the Toyota Way. Pillars 3 and 4 were only being partially applied. So thanks to the Sento Institute, we realized which principles were lacking in our company. And the fact that we were with companies from related operating sectors created a sense of openness and exchange and an incredibly rich dynamic. You learn how to learn, you develop a liking for change and challenges. In short, you should get ready to revolutionize your company’s culture! But it’s a long road—it’s not something you can do in three months.

No doubt it will take a year of realizations and conclusive results before you’ll appreciate what’s happening and will feel encouraged to take things further. Keep in mind as well that change doesn’t just concern your employees. The management team has to set the example. To repeat, you’re going to change your company’s culture. So ask yourself this fundamental question: Are you ready to change? ».

Gilles Moniot, Jr. Eng.
Quality Manager


Liard Industries

« We got our workforce positively involved in the project. We challenged the estimates, which yielded good results. We now have the courage to cut our prices to be more competitive and even eliminate the competition we face from certain clients. We’re rolling out our action plans top-down, and not just for our staff. The end result is that the recession hasn’t affected us. »

Philippe Liard
General Manager


Almac Tank International

« We would like to thank you for the key role you played in the Toyota Way program your firm organized at our offices. The Sento Institute was effective, innovative and willing to do what it took to make the project a success.

Your enthusiasm and ability to motivate our employees enabled us to significantly increase our company’s productivity and profitability and to provide a cleaner, safer and more organized work environment for our employees. So many problems involving the time spent on each tank were eliminated thanks to your help.

You allowed us to voice our doubts, ask questions and take part in a frank discussion of various topics together with several other companies. You showed great leadership and a willingness to share thanks to your frank and insightful comments. The effectiveness of the quality control system you implemented is particularly noteworthy.

We are thus satisfied with your services and would be happy to recommend them. We are very pleased with the things we have learned and with the major changes we’ve undergone over the past year. In our view, the cornerstone of our success is the sense of direction you gave us.

We are sincerely grateful for the time you spent with us and we will have an opportunity to express our gratitude in the near future. »

Xuan Binh Pham