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Sento Consultants


Sentō (Japanese for "Leader") is a cutting-edge company specializing in rapid and sustainable productivity increases for manufacturers and service providers. It is also one of the few companies to have developed its full potential by applying all 14 authentic Toyota Way management principles.

Company president Pierre Leblanc was trained by a Japanese team specializing in the Toyota Production System. This training had a transformative effect on Sentō's client service offer.

Since 1996, Sentō has accompanied a loyal roster of national and international clients on the path to continuous improvements. We help companies to brilliantly meet the various challenges that arise and reach the pinnacle of their respective sectors.

Thanks to the thousands of workshops we carry out around the world (Quebec, Canada, US, Europe, South Pacific/Australia, Africa), we have gained recognition for the high quality and direct benefits of our one-of-a-kind training programs, seminars and industrial visits.

Backed by a highly skilled and passionate team and world-renowned business partners, Sentō has also gained recognition for the quality of its services, the originality, relevance and effectiveness of its innovative solutions and the quality relationships it forges with its clients.

Since 2004, we have focused on transforming and adapting the Toyota Way-a comprehensive management and continuous improvement model-and making it available to companies of all types and sizes. The Sentō Institute's assistance process stems from this engineering endeavour and includes a powerful and innovative diagnostic tool: Industrial Quotient® or Sentō IQ®.