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Our company


Our mission is to be a pre-eminent and profitable company committed to helping our clients reach their goals and carry out their business vision by quickly and sustainably making their companies more competitive and profitable thanks to our excellent products and services, our sense of innovation, the quality of our partners and our long-term client relationships.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our client initiatives create social prosperity, thereby reducing poverty. But how? By improving our clients’ processes. If our clients can boost their output using fewer resources, the disadvantaged will have access to lower-cost goods.

The above mission statement may be somewhat reminiscent of Henry Ford, who in the early 20th century was already seeking to align his famous Ford production system with the democratization of Model T purchases by the middle class. His motto was “Every American should have his own car.”

For our clients, this means that our approach begins when they are willing to offer their products at lower-than-market prices to boost sales. Then they must mobilize their teams in order to “deserve” the anticipated boost in profitability. They must be “forced” to succeed, just like Julius Caesar burned his armies’ ships to “force” them to succeed in battle. Indeed, how can we convince a team to set off on a journey together if they do not face some kind of challenge?

Values and commitment

Our commitment to each of our clients is one of the hallmarks of our reputation. We are particularly proud of the loyalty we have instilled.

At Sentō, we contribute to our clients’ sustainable success by rapidly and cost-effectively implementing the best management approach aimed at bringing competitiveness improvements: the Toyota Way. First and foremost, our commitment is to ensure that our clients gradually become more autonomous, which is the best guarantor of our approach’s quality and depth.

The integration of this business model, which is adaptable to all company types, reflects a number of our values, such as contributing to social prosperity by enabling companies to remain competitive and profitable over the long term. This maintains jobs and quality of life for many families.

Choosing Sentō also means that we will put the following values into practice: respect for employees, respect for our clients’ goals and values and aligning our initiatives with the desired results, although not if that means compromising our or your core values. We also undertake to continuously improve and make our services more innovative with a view to optimizing our involvement with our clients.

The heart of our business strategy lies in identifying companies that are challenged and excited by the idea of adopting management practices based on the delivery of rapid and sustainable results!