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Sento Consultants


Fuller Industrial

« The Sentō system is providing exactly what we required for our “lean” production system – The Fuller Way. Lean tools without the underlying lean culture is like a crash diet. Short term, unsustainable results. The Sentō system is like a lifestyle change; diet, exercise and philosophy. The results have been immediate, drastic and sustainable. We have simultaneously increased our profitability, quality, employee, customer and vendor satisfaction. Outstanding! »

Jeff Fuller

Ethanol Greenfield Quebec Inc.

« Our association with Sento since we began operations in 2007 has enabled us to establish a continuous improvement-oriented culture using innovative techniques. It was definitely an excellent strategic decision in the short, medium and certainly the long term, in keeping with our vision to achieve excellence in developing biofuels in Quebec. »

Richard Gagnon
Operations Manager


« Our company has worked with Sento for four years now. Thanks to our collaboration, we have reached world-class performance levels in three of our main operating sectors. Sento’s contribution to our improvement projects goes far beyond applying the Lean and Toyota Way concepts. Sento and its president, Pierre Leblanc, constantly force us to re-examine what we’re doing and challenge our managers to confront fear (in a controlled way) in order to expand the limits of our company and our processes. The human factor is the key component of change management and Sento clearly understands this. Sento’s people work closely with our staff to train ultra-high-performance teams, based around the values of respect, trust and integrity. I am convinced that Sento is as proud of Dyne-a-Pak’s success as we are. The Sento IQ tool developed by Pierre Leblanc is one of the best diagnostic tools and organizational benchmarks I’ve ever used. I believe that Sento IQ has enabled our company to achieve world-class performance at all levels. »

Mario Grenier
General Manager

La Cage aux Sports 

« Pierre and the entire Sento team assisted us brilliantly with our kitchen process optimization program, enabling us to reduce our costs while improving our client service quality. In light of the successful results, we launched the same program for client service, which is currently underway. »



Jean Bédard
President and CEO
Sportscene Group Inc.


« Over the years, Sento has conducted a number of Kaïzen and 5S workshops at CEZinc. During these mandates, Sento has successfully mobilized our employees, analyzed problems effectively and identified simple and sustainable solutions while working with our people to fix problems at the source. »

Guy Bélair
Operations Manager