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« ... The Sento IQ tool developed by Pierre Leblanc is one of the best diagnostic tools and organizational benchmarks I’ve ever used... »

Mario Grenier
General Manager

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Company diagnostics

In keeping with its commitment to innovation, Sento developed a diagnostic tool known as the Industrial Quotient® based on the four pillars and 14 management principles of the TOYOTA WAY model.

The Industrial Quotient® or IQ® is used to effectively measure a company’s performance against world-class management best business. This benchmark-oriented metric is characteristic of the Toyota Way approach. Indeed, there’s no greater problem than not knowing you have a problem!

Using IQ®, we can tell companies seeking to determine their market competitiveness how likely it is that they hold a dominant position by identifying key long-term financial results! This likelihood will increase only if the company successfully incorporates Lean tools and concepts within its organizational culture and makes them accessible to its employees with a view to providing better client service. Improving a company’s DNA is only possible if management takes careful note of the company’s IQ® results and undertakes to improve them. Delegating this task would almost certainly result in a less than successful implementation of the company’s Lean initiative.