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« ... The Sento IQ tool developed by Pierre Leblanc is one of the best diagnostic tools and organizational benchmarks I’ve ever used... »

Mario Grenier
General Manager

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Training games

In order to demystify the Toyota Way principles, we created a number of training games designed to enable participants to quickly and effectively grasp the meaning and application modes of various rules governing the Toyota management model:

  • Kaïzen bridge: Two-hour activity designed to demonstrate several of the key concepts underpinning the Lean IQ® approach (paradigms, planning-do-check-act cycle, 5 whys, improvement strengths, problem-solving methodology).

  • Wooden 5S: Two-hour activity designed to familiarize participants with a crucial Lean tool/concept: 5S (sort-set in order-scintillate-standardize-sustain). This game is also designed to demonstrate that applying a tool as simple as 5S can lead to productivity gains of more than 15%. It consists of assembling a 5 and an S using a 3D wooden puzzle from a storage container with jumbled contents.

  • Single minute exchange of die (SMED): Two-hour activity in which participants apply one of the most spectacular Lean tools (which the F1 applies on seven-second pit stops!) to in order to reduce the time required to change a coffee filter from two minutes to 10 seconds!

  • Lean mini-line: What better way to learn the Toyota Production System than by setting up an assembly line for mini-vehicles! During this highly realistic simulation, participants create a “pull” line based on a “push” production context. The concepts demonstrated in this simulation are Takt time, cycle times, line balancing, line flow, Kanban system, plan-do-check-act (PDCA) and performance indicators.