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Sentō Consultants: your gateway to the Toyota Way approach

Founded in 1996, Sentō has a unique and innovative track record, marked by a number of important milestones. It was the first company to develop a seminar on the Toyota Way approach and the Industrial Quotient® or IQ® Sentō for the Government of Quebec. It has entered into a one-of-a-kind business partnership with Mike Hoseus and David Meier, managers of Toyota Kentucky and bestselling authors of new works on the Toyota Way. It also has privileged access to Toyota’s manufacturing plants and suppliers.

Very few firms have Sentō’s experience and understanding and can offer you a profitable and sustainable Lean approach based on the following factors:

  • The classic Lean approach is insufficient (81% of companies* were disappointed with the VAP/Lean results).
  • The classic Lean approach is insufficient: Toyota and GM have the same Lean tools, although their fortunes are diametrically opposed.
  • Only the Lean IQ® approach developed by Sentō can integrate Lean’s visible aspects (i.e. its tools) and invisible aspects (i.e. its growth drivers: vision, innovations, challenges, and its integration drivers: respect and HR development).

Sentō offers you a profitable and sustainable Lean experience within a comprehensive approach known as Lean-Industrial Quotient® or Lean IQ®:

  • Measure the gaps in your company’s performance against the 14 Toyota Way management principles using Industrial Quotient® or IQ®.
  • Use your company’s IQ® result to develop an improvement strategy together with the Sentō Institute. We will join forces in order that you become the dominant player in your market over the long term!

“Be Sentō and be the leader of your market!”

Pierre Leblanc


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*source: USA Today