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Marcel Lapierre« Just having the opportunity and privilege to visit the Toyota plant was real eye-opener! It certainly lived up to expectations. What a great company and what a great visit! Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky is by far the most impressive facility I’ve visited in the course of my career. Some 4,000 employees per shift work together in harmony to produce a Toyota Camry every 57 seconds! Just imagine that: every 57 seconds a car is ready for delivery to its new owner. The most impressive thing is the task levelling: everything is balanced, no one’s running around and nothing is left to chance. I also had the opportunity to talk with two former Toyota executives, David Meier and Mike Hoseus. Their stories are fascinating and their testimonials are really vibrant. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this opportunity! »

Marcel Lapierre
General Manager

« I took part in the Toyota Way journey in February 2008. I was impressed by the quality of the workshops, which made it easier to understand the Lean tools and concepts (Kaizen bridge!!!), as well as by the quality of the guest speakers, their technical expertise and their ability to explain key concepts. What more can I say about the visits to the TMMK and Trim Masters plants, which supported the seminar brilliantly. In addition, the experience provided an opportunity for networking with people from the automotive industry, which is quite relevant.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Toyota Way seminar and recommend it whole-heartedly, particularly for managers in the manufacturing sector. The training is focused more on the Lean philosophy, rather than on its tools, which is not only refreshing, but also extremely revealing. »

Pascal LaBrecque, Eng. MAPS
MarkIV Automotive

« You communicate your passion through your dynamic presentation. You provide concrete examples, which allows us to establish parallels within the context of our company. I came away from the meeting full of ideas. I wish I’d had more time to learn even more! »

Jennifer Gauthier
Customer Service Supervisor
JELD-WEN Collection Donat Flamand

« The Sentō seminar was excellent. Pierre not only managed to demystify the Toyota model, but also explained its cornerstone, i.e. the Toyota management principles. The IQ tool developed by Sentō enables organizations to benchmark themselves against Toyota’s business model—the current leader in terms of performance. I recommend this seminar for everyone without hesitation! »

Christian Neault
Manager, Quality and Continuous Improvement
Teknion Roy and Breton

« The introductory Lean IQ® journey to the origins of the Toyota Way was a key event for me. For two days, I felt what it was like to have Lean in your DNA! The experiences of David Meier and Mike Hoseus contributed significantly to my satisfaction with the event organized by Sentō Consultants. When I returned to my ‘real life’, I was able to put the things I’d seen and heard into practice within my own organization. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this event is not to be missed! It’s a value-added activity! »

Marie-Josée Bouffard, C.A.