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Different formats

Lean IQ® introductory workshop – (Q2/14®)
Toyota Way model implementation program

Lean IQ® introductory workshop

Q2/14® is a two-day practical simulation workshop covering the four main pillars and 14 management principles contained in the new universal corporate management model promoted by the Toyota Way approach.


This workshop was developed to provide a companywide demonstration of the depth and power of this management model.

Toyota Way model: implementation program

The program’s specific goals are as follows:

  • Set out a strategic vision of the company’s development.
  • Identify improvement opportunities in terms of quantity/quality/costs/turnaround times as well as company health/safety/environment.
  • Gain familiarity with Toyota’s best business practices.
  • Analyze costs and internal implications.
  • Mobilize and train the leaders of participating organizations and foster accountability.
  • Assess company performance against best business practices by evaluating their IQ® (industrial quotient).

Program steps

The program is divided into the following seven steps or modules:

  1. One-day introductory session on Lean IQ® best business practices

  2. Evaluation of company IQ®
    The gap in the company’s performance is measured against the 14 Toyota Way management principles prior to the improvement modules rollout.

  3. Strategy
    A business cause is developed to validate the improvement activities.

  4. Training and support
    Twelve improvement modules (three days each): ½ day devoted to learning the principles and 2½ days to directly implementing on-site mini-projects.

  5. Industrial visits
    Our program includes visits to companies that have had conclusive Toyota Way experiences.

  6. Re-evaluation of the company’s IQ®
    The company’s performance gap is measured against the 14 Toyota Way management principles at conclusion of the program.

  7. Certification
    A certificate is issued at the conclusion of the program.

Specific features

These modules are conducted in sequence for all of the participating companies (network format). Application assignments must be completed between each module; an integration exam for the 14 principles is taken at the end of the modules. A conditional certificate is then issued to the various companies.